Back to Balance

The mature meadow brome grass cloaks the greenery underneath and gives a deceiving perception of the state of the pasture.  The ewes, and especially the lambs, are hidden in this landscape of thigh high grass, moving as they do with their heads down amidst the lower green canopy.  They are beginning to eat the grassy seed heads.  The lambs are growing well, as was confirmed by our Australian visitors who suggested we could butcher a few of the eldest ones already.  

The kelpies and I brought the flock home yesterday and did a thorough check on who was who.  We are missing a ram, but alas, he is not with the flock so I can only assume something more dire happened to him and I haven’t discovered what yet. 

This evenings scene was precisely the scene I needed to sit and soak in after a hectic ten days or so of steady busyness and other people's agendas.  Too much of that throws me off balance.  I’m not back to myself yet, and there is some residual goings on still to be tended to.  Thank goodness that state is not my regular pace of life.  I much prefer a calmer balance and having moments to sit still in a pasture of space and fullness, even if it is not quiet (members of our flock are constantly calling to each other).  I really don’t know how people get on without such places.  If I ever have to leave this one I will strive to find another wherever I land.  It is, for me, a matter of sanity.  

I took Crow and Wren in for their second vet visit and set of vaccinations this morning, which caused them enough stress for one day.  Allen has tended to them more than I have over the last couple weeks; I miss knowing what the little gaffers are up to. Something you and I will both have to catch up on. 

On Friday I’m heading off for an evening visit with a large flock of sheep and goats and guardian dogs.  I will take my camera along to catch some photos, most of which will likely be of the dogs.