Searching for Rams and Dogs

I blinked and a few days went by.  Nice to have the blog to check back in with and remind me where we are at.  :-)  Apologies for the short lapse.  

I’ve been planning to change out the majority of our rams this year.  When today unexpectedly became an open day we scrambled to borrow a trailer and made a trip to pick up a couple boys we spoke for earlier. I’ll make another trip tomorrow to a different location for a few more.  I’ve also requested a couple ram lambs from another producer, which I’ll know more about and decide upon at the end of summer.  That’s about enough purchasing for now.  There are plenty of rams here.  I’ll keep two or three of my favourites from what I’ve got and sell everything else this summer. 

I’m also shopping for livestock guardian dogs (pups and/or adults).  Over the last year we  lost a dog or two and some of the remaining members of the pack are aging; they’re starting to tire with the workload.  I held off for awhile, because after losing dogs I just didn’t feel confident nor up to, starting new dogs.  Then I jumped at the chance to bring in Miss No Name and that went south and left me feeling burned.  But the show goes on and new dogs are needed.  

I’ve spoken for a female pup but she hasn’t arrived yet - if plans jive she should make her way here next week.  I’ll keep searching for one or two more and if I come across some gem of an adult I’ll be very fortunate indeed.  

I'm willing to travel for good dogs, so if you have any leads ... I'm all ears.  


  1. I wished I'd known you were looking for an LGD pup and willing to travel for one. About a month and a half ago there was a litter of 14 pups advertised in NS for sale at a working sheep farm. They were healthy looking pups from the photo. I'll keep my eyes open should I see any more advertised, Arlette.

    1. Thanks Ann, I also received the email and link you sent. NS is pretty far, I'll have to give that some thought, although it would be lovely place to visit.


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