Entertaining Thoughts and Favourite Moments

Right around this point in the proceedings of lambing I entertain thoughts of selling the sheep and renting the land out, keeping only enough sheep for the stock dogs to have work.  I also imagine being on a holiday :- ) 

My best estimate is that we’re better than three quarters of the way through lambing.  If feels hopeful and yet it is a birthing time, you never know if the hardest part is behind you or still yet to come. 

Only fourteen new lambs this morning, I expect another ten or twelve tonight.  The pace is slowing.  I realize I’m a shepherd but lambing time is not at the top of my favourite things list, but it can contain some of my favourite moments.


  1. Beautiful photos! So touching - thanks for sharing

  2. Precious...it's fun to think of this time of year from a dog's point of view also. I think it must be a stressful time for them protecting the flock and also rewarding with touching moments as you have so artfully portrayed.


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