Back to The Dogs

Lambing is nearly finished and much of the time on pasture is now spent looking for the odd newborn amidst hundreds of others.  Judging from my lambing book there are still quite a few ewes to lamb, but we never pulled the rams so this tail end of lambing might drag on a bit.  That, or else we have more open ewes than I like to see. 

I have a dozen orphan lambs and I plan to start the new guardian pup out with them and so spent some time this weekend setting up for her arrival.  They’ll all stay together near the building in the barn paddock where they have access to an outdoor area and to the building.  The dog houses are stored inside so the pup will have a private place to hole up when needed.  She can access the larger barn paddock as well and I’m debating whether or not to limit that access or just let it be.  I seldom have a concrete approach or plan in place until the pup arrives and I can feel out what the best options might be.  Zeus is nearby and I’m sure once pup arrives he will be over to investigate and oversee. 

And the stock dogs...?  While the stock dogs have bits of work here and there all the time, the other activity I’m able to get back to is working with them on a regular basis.  I’ve started training with the youngster, BlackJack and friends are joining me each week to work dogs together.  When the flock moves out to the larger grazing land there will also be regular evening work for the adult dogs to tuck up ewes and lambs before nightfall.