On The Easel - Felting Project

After a day of cold, wind and rain yesterday, Mother N decided to dip the temps even lower today and add some snow.  This type of weather during lambing makes your heart sink.  While snow is highly unusual at this time of the year, it is the risk of lambing on pasture in a northern climate.  Thank goodness we are not into the thick of lambing yet.  

Over the last couple days I have been ping ponging between pouting about the weather, feeling relieve we don’t have a pile of lambs on the ground and working in the art room.  

I went back to working on this piece, which I started a over month ago.  The original thought for this one was for it to be a scene of three pieces.  Upon nearing completion of the two individual dogs and laying the pieces on the table with the incomplete third piece, the overall look isn’t jiving.  [Having the pieces crammed together so they fit on the table doesn't help, but gives the idea].  

It will be a little different when the piece of the sheep is finished and more matched with the others, yet I don’t think that is the reason for it not jiving.  I like the pair of dogs quite a bit, and the scene with the resting sheep is making a decent scene on its own.  So I think my one piece idea has become two.  


  1. Very sorry about your snow. My birthday is on May 9th, and I can remember at least three birthdays with significant snow. Lucky for me, no snow this year! It is interesting, as your trees look more leafed out than ours, but we had seventy degrees today.

  2. I like the idea of the three pieces with the sheep included. Maybe a new sheep scene, larger, with the sheep further in the distance so the focus stays on the two dogs? Beautiful, however you arrange it!

  3. Hi Arlette,
    I like the two dogs and sheep and the lovely background colours (earthy tones) you have chosen for this wool piece. It reminds me of an evening sunset. This is only a suggestion, as you are the artist but what would you think about changing the dog on the left for the dog on the right and then each dog would be facing the sheep, like they are on guard. Would this make the three pieces look more like they fit together. I think somehow they do all belong together.

  4. Hello shalom Arlette, absolutely wonderful, beautiful, remarkable....love it!

  5. I really agree with you re the three going into two..All extremely wonderful,but do not as you say'jive' Do hope the weather will improve for the lambs..have started just up road from me.But I have not seen a hummingbird yet,has ALWAYS been on 'mother's day' or at least by 12th May..they are a few miles away from me so will soon be here..In The Valley Nova Scotia..

  6. All good suggestions, love to hear the perspectives on the artwork. I haven't made any changes, it remains on the felting table, waiting for a break in the lambing routine.


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