Nothing To Do But Graze

Each Spring when the ewes begin to travel the land they are flighty.  They have to get used to us approaching with the Ranger and driving around them all over again.

Each time out to check the flock we try not to stir them up in case there is someone near the group with a new lamb or two.  I'll often drive to a spot where I can overlook on a group without getting to close and then use binoculars to check closer.  Then I'll drive to another spot and check there.

I'm guessing there is about 150 - 175 sheep in this group, meaning there is another few hundred to check in on.  Now imagine checking for lambs in the group and needing to find, and get close to, all the newbies.

Welcome to pasture lambing.


  1. One of the farms I worked for this spring has a good border collie that works ewes and lambs well. She was able to quietly get ahold of any ewe or lamb we needed to. So impressive how much a good dog can help.

    1. Oh, such a treasure to have a dog that works ewes and lambs so well. It is amazing how much help they can be.


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