Mid Way for Lambing

Dark clouds, rain, and wind interspersed with a few hours of warm sunshine.  It’s the best way for rain to happen during lambing.  Yesterday evening, when the sun shone once again, the whole place was such a brilliant green it was a show stopper.  I didn’t have a lot of time for pictures but I took the camera along anyway.  

We’re near the half way point.  I am tired, a good and satisfied tired; I imagine many ewes are tired.  The lambing pasture is now at the point I call lambing chaos.  Ewes and lambs are moving everywhere, ewes are calling to playful lambs, lambs are calling for missing mommas, ewes are murmuring to babes just born… 

Not as many new lambs this morning so a bit of a lull.  At one point Oakley wandered over to inspect the proceedings with twin lambs I had just caught.  Processing complete, I released lambs back to the ewe, and still on my knees, I stopped for a moment to talk to the mighty Oak.  He stretched out on his side hoping for a belly rub.  I gave him a pat and then lay down with him, my head on his chest.  I watched the sky and soaked in the sound of baahing ewes all around us.  I wanted to nap right there, but Oakley wasn't content with that idea and didn't stay still for long. 


  1. Outside dog naps are the best, which I know from experience!

  2. Look at those speckles lambies :-D

  3. You are very apt at describing a scene. I can see it so clearly. Loved the bit about Oakley. The pictures are great too, especially that first one.


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