Lambing, Almost Set

Before we lost chunks of our fences to water overflow, I was able to try drift lambing.  It became my favourite means of pasture lambing and I’d like to get back to it.  With drift lambing you rotate various groups of animals through a succession of paddocks.  That's a very simplified version of it anyway. 

This year we decided to dedicate a quarter section of land as a lambing pasture and within that, set up for drift lambing with portable fencing.   We completed the perimeter fence necessary to divide the piece from the rest of the grazing land, and over the last two days I have been putting up electranetting to subdivide and create paddocks.  

I don’t have enough netting to make the number of paddocks I was hoping for.  One of the drawbacks of large pieces of land - it takes miles of fencing material.  I have four paddocks which I think I can make work.  Once I have a bunch of ewes with older lambs I will have to exit them from the lambing pasture rather than keep them there for the duration of lambing.  I was hoping to keep everyone on the same piece of land as my main concern with sending pairs out is that the guardian dogs will have a tough time keeping track of them and the lambing pasture.  

The next thing to ready is water stations and then I think I’m set.  I have my backpack of lambing supplies ready to go although I am still waiting on ear tags to arrive.  Some of the ewes are bagging up so I hope to see lambs in the upcoming week.  


  1. Four hundred lambs!! I am in shock!! Wow. Must be fun to watch YOUR lamb races!! I have put two large round bales about ten feet apart, and my lambs spend hours jumping around on those bales. I can imagine four hundred doing that! My mind is also reeling with the cost of all that electro-netting and the logistics of putting it up! I have it so easy with my single strand of polywire. One of your paddocks is probably larger than my whole farm!! Don't forget to sleep!

  2. The lamb races are pretty cool! They play in small groups though. This scale is all I know, so it seems pretty low key to me.


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