First One

This is the first lamb born, one of the pairs that was way down south, after the cold, wet weather.  This was on the move to the lambing pasture and we have stopped to let them rest.  It was almost a mile of travel and we did it three legs.  While the lambs rested I would go do other things like move the water bus, then come back and move a little further.  

And another one of the flock photos from the move the other day, there is a guardian dog in the group, but she is tough to spot.   See if you can.  I left this photo a little larger size to help out.  If you click on the photo you can view it larger size.  When going through the photos I noticed there is a guardian dog in almost every shot.  


  1. Hi Arlette,

    Have I spotted the LGD to the far right of the photo with a little clearing of green grass just behind? You're right it's hard to find the dog, much like looking at puzzle pieces, all one colour.

  2. Yes, Anne that's her. She blends in right behind a ewe. Good eye.

  3. Hi Arlette,
    I had to examine the photo for several minutes before seeing her!
    Hope you have a good lambing season.

  4. I must confess. . . . my trusty trifocals did not work this time and I finally gave up and scrolled down to find the answer! I love a good challenge; thank you for posting this!


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