A Good Deal To Think About

Allen and I have been been fencing the last two days, putting up a mile of woven wire to section off a  lambing pasture.  The recent comments and emails gave me much to think about while we worked in the hot, sunny weather.  I want to say thanks to each of you for sharing.  I addressed some of the comments individually in the comments section. 

There are many factors and past experiences that are behind the larger decisions any of us make in life.  Putting the entire weight of this decision to one factor is not the whole picture.  It would take pages to give voice to all the factors and past experiences that lead each of us to similar ethically tough choices.  

Mainly I feel confused and curious as to why this dog landed here for a mere 48 hours.  It all feels so abrupt. 

I am now more than a decade into this working ranch life, where all around me life comes and goes.  I find myself wondering if I am more callous or more caring because of it? - I am not sure I know.  I just know I have a huge respect for death and a huge gratitude for life.  

Lambing time is just around the corner; a time on the ranch that will be chalk full of both.


  1. It takes great courage to be an ethical farmer or rancher! Just keep marching on and doing your best!
    I sincerely hope your lambing season goes smoothly. My seven ewes gave me sixteen healthy lambs, and I know that I was very, very lucky that everything went so well. I kept thinking about all the ewes that you have to worry about during lambing! How many ewes are expected to lamb?

    1. Very nice lamb crop! Almost all had twins or more then. I expect around 400 ewes to lamb, about 475 were with the rams but hard to know how many ewe lambs will be with lamb.

    2. I would love to see that! Well said on the other...

  2. As I am now 84 years old and have worked with animals 70 of those years I do understand how you feel..I have had animals come into my life for brief periods and been taken from me..I learnt long ago to not just love animals..but to respect their rights,this to me includes preventing suffering.As hard as it was for you the dear hurting dog was given to you by powers way beyond my reasoning..having said that..I will mention I do not belong to any 'group' with what have been known as 'far out ideas' I, like you have very deep feelings,and have over these years learnt to listen to my intuition (which is usually quite powerful, and right) I have devoted my life to animals,and will continue to do so as long as I am on this earth.I do believe in euthanasia,with humans and animals. I wish you all the best luck with lambing. Luck..'An opportunity waiting to happen' (have forgotten who quoted)but I like it..

  3. Thanks for sharing this, it's always a pleasant surprise to hear a little about the people who read the blog and you have shared some great thoughts here. Yes, I do feel things very deeply, it's overwhelming on occasion. And I've discovered following my intuition does not mean every thing always works out smoothly or "right" but it always, always works out as needed.


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