Smiling for the Camera - Or Not

Our livestock guardian dog Glory, would frequently smile at us in greeting.  This girl though is the most frequent smiler I have come across since.

She smiled for everyone - except for the camera.  Catching her smile on camera was a tricky thing.  The only times I capture her smile is the first shot when she is still some distance away from me, and the second shot when her attention is with someone else, in this case her owner.

Each time I look at her and she looks back at me, she smiles and makes her way toward.  When I put the camera to my face to capture the next smile I know full well she'll offer, she is shy and unsure and looks away.  I lower the camera and she gives me brief but not direct eye contact and smiles again.  I capture her shy cautious look and her tongue flicks but no more smiles for the camera.

The more I try to get the photo the more she asks me to stop.  Since she is uncomfortable with her photo being taken, I leave her alone.  


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