Rainy Day Shearing Prep

It’s a late night blog post.  Yesterday was a full day of travel and shearing at a friends place while Allen did some leg work to get ready for our shearing day.  Today was another full day with lots of sheep moving since it rained throughout the day.  The ewes were in a nearby paddock where Allen set them last night.  Coyote Mic and BJ were put to work to move them to the building quickly.  Once everyone was in I released a group and moved them over to the Quonset building in the yard.  This gave everyone a bit more room and space while keeping them under cover.  The rain hung around all afternoon, washing away all the winter dust.  The ewes just wanted back outside. 

Since the flock needed to be indoors some of the prep work was held up in order to give them as much room as possible.  The shearing crew arrived and did what set up they needed to.  

The rainy weather cleared off around supper time so we released the girls back outdoors, headed in for a quick supper and then back out to finish setting up.  Now I’m doing some cooking for tomorrow meals, my least favorite part of prepping but very necessary.  

At first light the dogs and I will be back out to round the ewes and rams up once again; shortly after that begins another full day of shearing.  I'm ready for sleep but looking forward to tomorrow.   


  1. Actually, sounds like a wonderful time. Wish I was closer to help out and experience it.

  2. It always surprises me how many people love to take part in shearing days. We're so fortunate. Wish you lived closer too.

  3. I love to work the shearing trailer when the shearers are in town here. We usually just have two shearers working, so Kate and I can push sheep and bag wool by ourselves. We don't skirt, just bag and then the bales go to the old shearer and he sorts...


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