Post Shearing Repeat

The last two weeks have been chalk full of sheep, a great deal wool handling and photographing more livestock guardian dogs.  The above photo reflects a bit how I feel today. Yesterday was a six hour round trip to help at another day long shearing and meet these pups (three of the five dogs that are here).  The dogs enjoyed visiting but during all the action they camped out in this area where the sheep are released to.

These ewes produced gorgeous and huge fleeces but I held my ground and did not bring any more wool home.  The art room closet is chalk full and there are fleeces still sitting on the skirting table.  

As the pace settles down this week it will be necessary to make a trip to town and to the city to restock with food for ourselves and the dogs, purchase vaccines for the flock and ear tags for our upcoming lambing season.  

the place holder ewe


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