On The Easel

Life is a little busier with a few day-long meetings I have to travel for, but otherwise I’m blessed to have some free time in the art room. Our busy outdoor season is almost upon us so I treasure this time I have to do artwork. Shearing takes place in a couple weeks, and vaccinating the ewes right after that. 

A large pencil drawing is on the easel and a large needle felting project is on the felting table. This is where I got to with the previous felting project and here it sits.  My table light is giving causing some glare in the photo. 

This color pencil drawing piece will finally be sent in the mail to the individual who requested it. Doing this little fellow gave me the chance to practice doing white dog hair which I find quite tricky to do but foresee doing a lot of it in the future.  :-) 


  1. Your needle felting project is wonderful! And the little white pup's "person" will undoubtedly be so happy with his likeness. Such a great keepsake.

  2. Both are really nice, Arlette!


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