I have been trying and trying to capture an in focus photo of this bird in flight.  This one is at quite a distance so not quite as much detail, but got the focus. 

Numerous places in North America are familiar with the Magpie, the crafty games the birds play, their benefits and the trouble they can cause. Allen has nothing fond to say about the birds.  I get a kick out of how aware the birds are of what we’re doing, and how they are always at hand to take advantage if there is anything to their liking (come to think of it - it’s kind of like some people I know).  One of the things to their liking includes new born lambs though. 

We always seem to have one guardian dog who despises the birds - it’s usually the dog who doesn’t eat their meal right meal away.  The Magpie’s are always nearby, waiting to snitch from the stash as soon as the coast is clear.   In our group of dogs right now that dog is Lily. 

I think the ewes get annoyed with Magpies too but sometimes the effort to shake them off is too much to bother with.  This particular bird is going from ewe to ewe, head to head, then hops to the ground and then back up to take a look around.  No one seems particularly upset with it's presence. 


  1. Great photos! They are such awnry birds ~ always looking for food and/or trouble.

  2. Those are really great pictures! I have never seen those birds before.

    1. I would venture to say that many farmers and ranchers do not think highly of the Magpie.


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