Favorite Rubbing Tree

This area of bush is located in a large hollow that stays dry.  The ewes favour this spot on windy days and the trees have become favorite rubbing trees.  

Shearing day is just around the corner, soon the ewes will have little to rub about. The shearing floor is swept clean and the building is ready should we have to house sheep in a hurry due to rain.  We are expecting five shearers and great friends and company to help us out.

Since the sheep are traveling during the day I am once again taking a stock dog with me each evening to gather and settle the flock for the night.  It is familiar, routine work for both the dogs and I - a casual way to re-enter our heavy working summer season.  

If the ewes are traveling the guardian dogs are as well.  With a meal in their belly, early evening finds them ready to catch a cat nap.  

It will be some time before the earth thaws completely, but all the snow is gone and a couple friends and I have started getting together each week to work herding dogs.  Steadily the season is filling with activity. 


  1. Your guard dogs look particularly content, and the sheep look happy too.

  2. Everyone looks happy! So do explain, sometime, what you do with the fleeces. I imagine you keep some of the fiber for art, do you spin? knit? Or is it all sold to mills? Just curious :-)
    It's interesting - can't wait to see the sheering.

  3. Will do Lannie. Thanks for suggesting that.


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