Artwork, Ranch Work, and A Picture on the Easel

I can liken this type of artwork to ranch work in many ways.  

I rise early to do either one.  The basic simplicity of the task lures me in - just get that pasture fenced, just need to vaccinate the ewes, just draw the dog… 

In the beginning is the fiddly, but easy, part of getting every thing together.  Enthusiasm gets me started but then the expansiveness of how much there is behind doing the task, how ongoing it will be, sets in.  Tediousness and tiredness arrive, and it feels like the project may never get done.  

Then the sun shines, I push on and find myself close to half way.  At some point I look back and see how the task is coming along and I’m encouraged to continue.  Enthusiasm revisits and ‘before I know it’ I am almost done.  

With this piece tediousness is setting in.  It is good place to take a photo because I always see a piece of artwork differently when it’s a photograph on the computer rather than an image on the paper that sits continually on the drawing table. 

This is a dog I visited in Montana.  She (and the sheep) had grown accustomed to me and the camera although she wasn’t game for any overly friendly overtures.  She had just moved onto a rise to sit near the ewes and I was able to lay on the ground nearby and photograph her. 


  1. Love this! Thank you for sharing! Hugs!

  2. This is a beautiful drawing, Arlette.
    So much a likeness to the original photograph.
    This will be an eye-catcher when completed!


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