Montana Flock

In this area of Montana you can face any one direction and have a different landscape in each direction.  We have traveled short, ten minute drives from the ranch and seen entirely different countryside, with canyons and prairie plateaus you would not guess are there.  

From the view in this photo you would not know there are five mountain ranges in the area.  This is the first flock I visited and there are four guardian dogs nearby, although you cannot pick them out in the photo. 

The original photo is over exposed and I attempted to salvage it by turning it into a sepia photo so I could hang onto the scene and the memory.  The photo is best when viewed large scale, however still worth sharing. 


  1. Hello Arlette, glad you are enjoying Montana. I have followed your blog and newsletter for quite some time. I now live vicariously through other shepherds, having sold my small flock of rare breed sheep in 2013. You are so right about the landscapes here. I am in the flatlands near tiny Edgar, MT, during the week & in the beautiful Beartooth Mountains just up the road in Red Lodge on the weekends. Love this photo in sepia tone. Oh how I miss my sheep...Santé! Marianne

    1. Thanks for your comment Marianne, it is so neat to make these connections along the way. This photo is near Edgar.

  2. Love this open land and the photo too.

  3. What a wonderful photo! My husband lived in Montana for 11 years & has told me many stories about it's beauty. Thank you for sharing your time there.
    Warm Regards, Lisa in Oregon


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