Let's Catch Up

The last few days have been a blend and a blur of travel and visits, and being without either the electronics, or online access.  While in Oregon I stayed with Dave and Trudy Viklund who are the instructors who come to our place each year for stock dog clinics.  It is the rainy season in this area of Oregon and everything is soggy or dripping.  There are so many colors of green here, it is a striking contrast to the brown rangeland of Montana and the winter white prairie land of home. 

The sheep are a mixed group of Clun Forest, Katahdin, Dorper and a couple Border Cheviots thrown into the mix.  The Cluns were my favourite but I was smitten by the neat and tidy look of this little Border Cheviot ewe (another first visit with a breed I do not see in our area).   

The two guardian dogs work separately for the most part.  One fellow stays in a more secure pen with the rams and the ducks and other dog moves around with the small flock.  

These are the first dogs on the trip that were pleased to have my attention and the female seemed to be posing for me.  This girl started out as a pet and is now transitioning into protector of this tidy flock of forty sheep.  It seems to be the perfect life for her.


  1. Nice pictures! My ewes were bred to a Border Cheviot ram this year. I like their prick ears, just like I like prick ears in my border collies!


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