Just A Short Sunday Drive

On a couple trips around the local area countryside we pass a couple guardian dogs with a flock of sheep who keep grabbing my attention.  After an epic hike yesterday, Allen and I were content to take it easy today, so I challenged myself to stop in at the farm and ask if I could take some photos.  I pull into the farmyard and the first thing to grab my attention is the peacock on the lawn, and the emu in the nearby paddock.  

The lady I meet at the house is agreeable to some photos and we enjoy a chat about the sheep and dogs.  I explain that the flock of sheep caught my attention because some are coloured.  

Such curly locks on her hind legs
The rancher explains that they are Merino crossed with Karakul and with Navajo Churro sheep.  My first encounter with all three breeds.  The reason for such an unusual cross of fine wool with coarse is that it produces a fibre that is fantastic for felting.  My interest is piqued further; this is turning into an interesting Sunday stop.    

A few moments later in the conversation, pieces of previous trips to Montana begin to fall into place and it comes to light that I’m with the original owner of The Muddy Lamb.  The Muddy Lamb closed its doors this year for various reasons, but it was a fine little shop of handmade pottery, yarn, and felting products.  It was a unique little gem of a store for both pottery and fibre enthusiasts and is missed by the locals and traveling through folks like me. 

Not only did this little Sunday drive net such a neat connection but the photo opps were terrific too, birds included. 

Brown body, black face, white top


  1. Why this post had it all! Extremely interesting-looking sheep, a beautiful guard dog, an interesting people for you!

  2. Beautiful photos, Arlette! That last one is art material!

    1. I thought so too Lannie! I'm excited about that photo.


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