Home And Back in The Art Room Again

Leaving from the Burradoo Ranch
We arrived home a few days ago, to snow.  Today a small winter squall is happening as I type, so we get a brief taste of winter before the season moves on for good.  Yesterday a pair of Canada Geese landed in the pasture east of the house. Did they stop in Montana along the way, I wondered.  I smiled and said hello.  Seeing geese at the end of winter is like a sign of persistence and endurance, theirs for travel away from and back again, and ours for setting roots and getting through. 

Visiting with my own flock and guardian dogs, I feel a deep appreciation of who they are and how good we have it.  The dogs greeted me, the ewes are fat, and we’ve cut back the amount of hay feed.  They are traveling to the milk vetch pasture to graze before eating the hay anyway.  Perhaps snacking on old milk vetch is why they are in such plump condition or maybe they just look that way after seeing so many range sheep.    

I was eager to land in the art room again and it was the first room to be tidied and re-sorted.  Five weeks is a long time to be out of routine though and I couldn’t settle long enough to accomplish much more than tidying up.  So many ripe ideas are floating around in my head and yet I am stuck.  The sun rises much earlier already so the long dark mornings are no longer so and it makes me feel as though I am without enough time.   

This morning I put myself to the task of making something, anything, without worry of how it turns out, but just to let the hands do.  I feel a need to set into work some pieces of the extraordinary moments in the company of sheep and guardians.

This is how it looked this morning and the second photo is how I left off with it this evening.  

I actually like the way it looked with just the dog in the grey wool and might return to do something similar in the future.  I pushed this one further though and have just placed some loose fibres on top to see how it looks with the addition of wisps of color to mimic the Montana winds.  I’ll take another look in the morning, for now I’m satisfied just to have a piece in progress again.   


  1. Your artwork is looking good! Welcome home. Your dogs and sheep must be so happy to see you!

  2. I bet it feels good to be home! Your art is looking great! I really like the dog :-)


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