Third Visit With LGD's

The countryside is gorgeous and vast, even with mountains on the fringe.  There are two livestock guardian dogs here. The dogs approach when the owner shows up to drop me off with the sheep, however there is no warm and wiggly greeting.  Both dogs return to the sheep and I am left to catch up on foot.  

In this first photo there is a dog on the left, just in front of the third/forth ewe (click on the photo to view larger size).

Both of these dogs are female and are starting to show their age.  The rancher feels it’s about time for the addition of another dog or a pup. 

The long coated one is deeply suspicious of the camera and me, and remains with the sheep.  I never did get a close up face shot of her.   

Her partner just wanted to rest and wasn’t too concerned provided I didn’t encroach to closely.  She seemed tired. 

I gently followed the flock up and down the small valley they are gazing in hoping to get a near shot of the long haired dog, before calling it a day and heading back to the yard.   Once again the sheep are Targhee ewes, raised for their wool which is still a valued product in this area of the USA.  


  1. That looks like such fun country to hike in. My dogs and I would love to hike up that hill to see the view! Tonight we are having thunderstorm! In February!! Unheard of!!!


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