Montana Greetings

The drive to Burradoo Ranch was very long and favourably uneventful.  The arrival here was heightened by unusually warm weather and I am delighted to be able to shed my heavy winter parka and walk dogs in my hiking boots.  My hosts and I worked dogs yesterday afternoon in the warm sun and light wind.  I am assured this weather will not last and that the cold and snow will return to Montana before the winter is out.  

I brought Cajun, Mic and BlackJack along with me, although there is no shortage of stock dogs here.  BlackJack is the type of puppy who goes with the flow and he is having a grand time.  Mic is sticking close to me but enjoying herself and Cajun is worrying.

We are as settled as we can be, being away from our own home and routine.  I was here last year and being familiar with the place and all the dogs helps.  It is a change of pace and there are more dog chores here than sheep chores.  

For the next couple of days I’ll just hang out and practice the routine here until I’m comfortable with it and what needs to be done.  In between the dogs and I will explore a little bit and take in the Montana scenery.  


  1. Hope you have a good time! How long are you going to stay this time around? I assume that you brought your sketch pad :-)

    1. I did bring a sketch book and a few color pencils...

  2. I have been reading the Burradoo Ranch website. Really interesting. Looks like amazing country, and I hope you and the dogs have a grand time!


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