LGD's Making Adjusments

Following on the heels of the last post, two of our guardians, Diesel and Zeus had to make some adjustments.  We sold the group of cull ewes this week so Diesel’s group of sheep disappeared on him.  Allen walked Diesel over to the barn paddock to leave him with Zeus while I took a stock dog to collect the ewes and move them to the livestock trailer for loading.  Before we rounded the first corner Diesel had joined us and followed the sheep right to the trailer.  After we loaded he made his way back to join Zeus and his group of sheep, so Zeus has a partner again.  These two will probably stay together until we sort dogging sheep and rams from the main flock.

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days packing and getting ready for a trip.  I’m heading off to Montana, USA.  I’ll be ranch sitting while I’m there plus I’ve given myself a small goal for the trip and hope that it pans out.  Friends have made a few connections to ranchers with flocks of sheep and guardian dogs so I hope to spend some time among them watching and photographing.   With luck I’ll have some photos of dogs other than my own and some good reference photos for future artwork.


  1. Hope your trip is a good one, and I am very much looking forward to Montana pictures!

  2. Sounds like fun! Looking forward to all the pictures and stories :-D.


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