Encounter With LGD's

Update:  Apologies for the recent low quality photos; different photo editor on the laptop than the home computer.  I'll repost photos as soon as I figure out how to solve the trouble.   

I hooked up with Annabel of Double A Ranch and she was my guide for a prearranged visit to her friends large flock.  

[The connection to Annabel started last year when I paid her a visit and she gifted me a trunk full of wool.  You may recall the needle felted portrait titled Montana Golden Girl - that is Annabel’s guardian dog Kit].

The reason for my visit to this large flock was to get some photographs of livestock guardian dogs who did not know me.  

The sheep are resting when we arrive.  They are a group of Targhee ewes and my first observation is how they have flocked close together to rest.  I stay outside of the fence as I try to locate where the dogs are.  I notice three on the far side of the flock, there are four dogs total.  They receive attention from the herdsman so we know they are not wild, but we are still strangers showing up unannounced (but with permission).  I think one dog has noticed either Annabel or myself but we are far enough way and no alarm is given. 

I move inside the fence and settle as close as I think I can get without disturbing the ewes.  Each dog is laying down again and I happen to be upwind from them (not planned).  Annabel is a little further back, watching and taking her own photos.  It’s a very windy day so I have trouble keeping the camera steady.  I move over a bit, one dog wakes and takes notice.  

Suddenly an alarm bark is sounded and the dogs are on their feet.  I see the three dogs spotted earlier but did not see where the fourth one came from.  The next few moments happen quick and dogs are running; try as I might I can’t keep them in the lens view and get focused with the camera.  

I’m kneeling down, have my hood up against the wind and a large black camera in front of my face.  I look very suspicious to the dogs who are rushing toward me, all bark.  I lay the camera on the ground.  The dogs have already arrived, I stay kneeled, look down and let them approach.  

Their barks turn into whines and they offer a very talkative and wiggly greeting.  They don’t spend much time with me before trotting off to inspect Annabel.  Greetings with the humans finished a few minutes later, they return to their flock and their sleep.

We stay for awhile just watching and walking around a bit and the dogs visit us a couple more times and they interact with the sheep.  It was a great afternoon with some fabulous moments with the dogs.  I’ll share more photos in subsequent posts, I’ve hardly had time to process them all.  


  1. What a wonderful afternoon! Sheep and dogs and good company! The dogs...I love how the dogs responded to you. Very good dogs!!

  2. For me this is a real treat. A totally different feeling to watch dogs you have no knowledge of or ties to. To sit and watch the dogs and gather some reference photos for artwork - priceless.


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