Gone to The Dogs

Taking the first group of dogs for an early morning run.  Kelpies, a Border Collie, and a Labrador Retriever.  I never seem to get all of them in one photo, the younger dogs tear off in the lead and the older dogs bring up the rear.  

I have two favourite dogs here.  An old timer named Becker who slips off to the sheep pen when we return from our run, (and I can never refuse to work him just a bit when I go to retrieve him),  and a younger fellow named Drover who is staying at the house with me.    

There are minor chores for a small flock of sheep and chickens, there are horses and mules to check on, one ancient mule who needs special attention, and cats to feed, but the majority of chores and time, is with the dogs. 

Out for a second run in the evening.  I've already walked my dogs morning and evening, and there is another handful of dogs in the next group who exercise separate.  Sun shining warm, wind still blowing. 

Even though this run is done with a quad, I walk more here than I walk at home, which is kinda saying something. 


  1. How many dogs are there altogether, without counting yours? Looks like great romping territory. My fields are snowless again after thirty below on Sunday, four inches of snow on Monday, and two inches of hard rain on Tuesday!

  2. Wow, you have had a swing in climate. I always find that tough to adjust to.
    There are 17 dogs, not counting mine.

  3. Wow. That is a HERD of dogs!!
    Weather fluctuation is tough, but I am thankful it is no longer 30 below and also thankful it is not raining! Now it is a pleasant 15 degrees F and snowing hard.


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