Ewe Curious

At each place I visit there are curious ewes who take a long look and sniff to figure out who I am. 

Back at the ranch the Katahdins come off the creek bed and follow me in for evening corn.  

I wasn’t able to hook up with two other places I was hoping to visit this week so I spent the days hiking, working stock dogs with the neighbour, and getting through some photos.  I’m certainly going through a learning curve with the big camera and new photo editor. While many photos were deleted, there are some great gems and I have a few in mind for future artwork.  

I hope you won’t mind but you’ll likely see a lot of dog photos in the next short while. 


  1. I LOVE dog photos! The sheep photos are fun to look at too, and definitely that great country out there!

  2. Are you kidding? Dog photos are always good. So are sheep photos!!


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