Dog Frosted

The frosted dog days of winter, they're cold but not frigid, maybe a bit grey, but calm and serene.  Coyote Mic, ... she wears the frosted look so well.

It appears as though I've caught her fashion expression in this next photo.

An earlier file photo of Jayde wearing the same frosted look. 


  1. Do you feel that the rough-coated border collies handle the cold better than the smooth-coated Kelpies?

  2. The rough coat helps them yes. Jayde has more foot trouble in the winter though, she gets ice balls in her hairy feet, which the Kelpies don't get.

    1. My old dog, Scout, has always had trouble with this, and this year, I bought him sled dog booties. They work Great!! They only cost three dollars each, and they attach on with Velcro. Scout has never liked to walk on the snow when the weather is way below zero (Fahrenheit) and would be halfway across the field when he would "freeze up" and refuse to move! He loves these boots, once he got past the worry that it would ruin his tough man reputation!


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