Coyote Calls

There is a substantial, tall, and pointed hill sitting on its lonesome just west of the ranch house.  Each trip here I have walked up it to enjoy the view.  

The other morning I had just returned to the house after chores and was standing in the garage when I heard a familiar yip in the distance.  The bark of a coyote - somewhere near the base of the hill.  

Turns out there was four of them, playing on the hillside.  I rushed the two kelpies into the house, dashed about for the camera and scrambled to unpack it and focus.  By then the coyotes were in a full race and I only caught two of them in blurry photos before they were gone around the hillside.  For a moment I regretted the camera because I missed the photo, plus in my rush to capture it, I missed the moment to watch these wild canines play.

I decided there was no better time to walk out there and make the trek up the hill and see where they’d gone.  They were nowhere to be seen and so quick was the encounter that as I scanned the landscape I wondered if I had imagined them.  Then I wondered if they were nearby watching me, looking for them.  Lastly I made a mental note to count the sheep when they came in for the evening.

So no coyote photos but here is the view from the hilltop.  It is a fair but short hike up, and standing at the top, one has a 360 degree view of the countryside.   


  1. Looks like a great hike! What are the temps there? We have had bitter cold of negative 30F. Keep looking for those coyote photo shoots!

  2. Holding around 50 F during the daytime. Feels very balmy to me :-) The cold temps you are having is what we expect at home.

  3. Sometimes the pictures are best remembered in your mind anyway. What are the white dots?

    1. They are not dots but it's the way the photo came out after resizing (did something to the quality). The white snakes are a lines of irrigation pipe, which I see all over in this area.


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