Wool Art - Opposites Attract

I was aiming for something different and I think I got that.
These are two separate pieces, but each is meant to compliment the other - to be a set.  I’m in love with the combination of these two.

On their own the white on black one still grabs me and takes me in, but the black on white one only looks complete when it is paired with the other.  Cover one up and see what you think.  They are each about 10 x 12 inches in size and can be purchased together or seperate.  Contact me if you're interested.  (Since each needle felting is an original they are all sold directly through me).  I'll post this, with pricing, on the art web site shortly. 

It only took a few mornings for this piece to come together.  The background was the most work and took a full morning.  Felting the ewes didn’t take that long and then finishing and adjusting was another morning.  I was working on this project in between the recent drawing and getting the new art website sorted out.  Still work to be done but the recent artwork is up on the site now.  I did not realize it until I put the collection of artwork together but there are quite a few pieces that are already gifted or sold.  It's perplexing how I miss that and don't celebrate it.  It's time to.


  1. Together! They are really beautiful, Arlette! Really nice work :-)


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