Stepping Out and Back Again

I stepped away from home and computer for a few days to attend meetings and our provincial, sheep agency symposium.  No matter what weekend we book for this event it seems to land on the coldest days of the year, which is also when I feel the most nervous about not being home to help Allen with sheep and dogs.

Being away, even for just a couple days highlights just how familiarized with the farm routine I have become and how I rely on that routine with animals  to feel comfortable.  Stepping away from it and into a crowd of people, even a small one, has me feeling out of my element.

I had the generous opportunity to display a few pieces of felted artwork at the sheep meeting and am grateful for the exposure.  The recent Opposites Attract piece garnered a good deal of attention and sold readily which, of course, made my weekend.  

Over the next few days thoughts from the meetings and speaker presentations will be percolating as I go about the routine of the place.  This will make for some good articles in future Crooked Fences newsletters.  One writing format or another I promise to share more, for now though, I’m going to curl up with a Kelpie or two and relax back into home and routine.


  1. I'm very pleased to learn you sold these two pieces. You'll have to keep creating as your work is in demand.

  2. Congrats once again on the sale! It was a beautiful piece.
    It's that 'sense of place' we all have that gives us a comfortable space... A good thing.

  3. Good for you in making that sale! I will definitely be looking forward to reading those articles in your upcoming newsletters!
    As for that apple-cider vinegar; after it boils a while, it makes the smaller bones, like poultry bones, kind of soft, and I just pulverize them with my hands to get the goodness in the dogs' food. Whatever I cannot crush, I throw into the woodstove, as it makes adds more minerals to the ashes, which I spread on my fields.


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