Picking Winter Greens

We never tire of seeing the sheep graze in the winter time.  It’s not likely these girls are getting a belly full from their pickings but they are getting some greens that are obviously to their favor.

The land is frozen deep yet I always feel a sense that what the animals take directly from the land is best for them.  This winter grazing is only possible if there is enough of a stand of grass left over for the ewes to discover under the snow.

The ewes directly in front are eating the hay that has been rolled out for them.  So the girls gone grazing have chosen their frozen greens over hay feed.   Judging from their rotund shapes they are getting on well with their diet program. 

The ewes are faring well thus far although we did have one death last week that we can’t explain.  On the other hand the guardian dogs are giving us a good deal of distress.   Lily and Diesel went wandering yesterday and have not returned.  Today's search for the dogs revealed a lot of tracks crisscrossing the countryside but no known current whereabouts.


  1. Hope Diesel and Lily are back home safe and sound by now! Fingers crossed...

  2. I am so happy to hear that your dogs are home and safe!! I did not see this post until today, but was very, very relieved to read your most current post about their safe return. I feel very badly for you, as I know how worried you must have been.


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