Off The Easel and Undone

This one is sitting on the sidelines and I look at it as I pass by, searching to see if there is anything more to do.  So far I’m good with it.

Sometimes the more simple compositions leave me lost for the right title.  If something comes to mind when you glance at it, please do tell, I'd love a suggestion or two.  The companion piece is now on the drawing table but recent photos are still on the camera. 

When my eyes tire of the drawing detail I move over to my felting workbench and needle away there.  The art room remains a happy mess, with color pencils strewn all over one table and needles and wool strewn about the other table.   Surprisingly, I am beginning to enjoy it that way. 

I had a beast of a time getting through chores this morning due to a hiccup up with the three point hitch on the tractor, and sure enough Allen was away at work today.  I only have a few things that make me feel useless and equipment breaking is at the top of that short list.  So I’m extra grateful I chose to farm with this man, who came home and spent five hours fixing the thing so I can feed again tomorrow. 

There wasn’t much I could do to assist so while he did that, I crept back into the art room and forgot about the frustration of it all for a spell. 



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