Good news, artistically speaking

The Watcher in the Wool wall tapestry has sold.  I am elated and surprised.  I'm new at this, I always feel surprise when a piece sells, I think (and hope) I always will.  It is a gift to create and when it finds a way to be passed on, it's a grateful surprise. 

The needle felted wall hanging was wrapped up last night and I headed to town this morning to place it in the mail.  It is on the way to Eastern Canada.  

The other bit of news to share is that I have been slowly putting together a tidy website for my artwork to serve as a means to put all the work in one spot, and to finally be able to direct people somewhere when they ask.  The Dog Tale Studio website is in the works and only partially completed (the new pieces are not even up yet), and admittedly I am hesitantly forcing myself through this because it would be more comfortable to stay the quiet wanna-be artistic rancher in the art room.  

Artistically speaking, it's been a good week of stretching oneself. 


  1. I checked out your website, and found it to be very well done. You really have some beautiful pieces on there! I will most certainly keep it in mind for future gifts.
    We finally got snow and frigid temps, which made the Maremma happy!

  2. Congratulations! That's just wonderful.


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