Coming Off The Easel

On My Way, a companion piece to Scanning Horizons.

I was well into the first piece when the idea arose to pair it with a second piece.  The two winter scenes were so similar and the two dogs are full brothers so it felt fitting to do the second piece and attempt to capture a similar vibe in both.  Whenever ideas like this come along, I feel like I can’t draw fast enough.

This is the pair of drawings, sitting in the portfolio sleeves.  I received a request for prints.  If anyone else is interested in a print of either one or both, I can add more copies to the order.  The prints will be made locally (that is, the city nearest to me).  It will be a few days before I get to the city to place the order etc. 


  1. Arlette, they are beautiful! So impressed :-)

    1. Thank you Lannie! It's great to receive the feedback.


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