Wool Art Curious Ewe Lamb

The sketch for this piece was penciled out a couple of years ago and at that time I made an attempt at the felting part too.  I stalled and almost tossed it in the trash.  Just the other day I happened upon it while looking for wool canvas.  I still wasn't sure what to do with it but decided to pull it out and put it aside.

I have a couple of projects I'm feeling keen about but yesterday was one of those days in the studio when nothing I tried worked out.  Feeling frustrated I switched gears and laid this half started attempt on the table.  I ripped part of it out and started again and I have to say I'm glad I did (I really should have taken a before photo).  It's such a sweet piece, don't you think?

Still some finishing to do on the background, maybe a tweak or two yet, but I'm excited to have something come together, and surprised that it was this piece, and wanted to share that.

It needs a good title and/or she needs a name.  Suggestions?


  1. Love it! So glad you saved it :-)

  2. Love it! So glad you saved it :-)

  3. This is wonderful! I'm so glad you gave it another chance. I would be a terrible artist because I could never decide on a name for anything!


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