Wool Art Coming Off the Easel

A few early morning moments in the art studio results in the completion of this tidy piece.  This is a very familiar scene around here during lambing time and I like the feeling this one evokes in me.  The image area is 8 x 10 inches and allowing for some material edges it comes out to be about a 10 x 12 size.  I've titled it Come On Junior, Time to Go.

Even though I don't plan on framing the needle felting I often set frames or matt board on top of the pieces just to give me an idea of how finished the piece looks.  A frame can really change a piece or cause something to stand out. 


  1. Very nice! I would imagine that it a very familiar sight ~ like it framed, too :-)

  2. This is lovely, Arlette. The name is just perfect! It's so interesting how a frame can change an image so much; this is nice with or without a frame!


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