The Rubbing Tree

A tree perfect for sheep to rub their backs upon (and for a photo opportunity).


  1. Oh I can see how the sheep would love that tree! And the dogs would probably love to climb on top of it!

  2. I had to chuckle when I saw this . . . there is a product that my husband brought home recently that looks like a bristle brush bent over like that tree. It is attached on both ends to an oval piece of carpet encased in plastic. It is for cats to walk through to brush their fur. Having a long hair cat, we were excited to see if she would avail herself of this DIY grooming idea. Well, after totally ignoring it for a week or so, she finally did start rubbing her chin on it. Another week goes by, and we're about ready to call it a failed experiment, when she finally got the idea of walking through it. I hope the sheep enjoy the tree for their own DIY grooming!


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