Sweet Stock Dog Sychronicity

I wanted the flock at the barn paddock tonight as tomorrow we will sort the ewes for breeding and then release the rams.  I got waylaid taking photos this afternoon and came in later than I thought.  When I headed out to pasture the last trickle of ewes were just making their way to a favourite sheltered spot when we caught up with them.  The sun was low in the sky.  I let BJ tuck these ewes up to the rest and get the entire group moving along to the east paddock.  The ewes poured through the long narrow pass and then bee lined for the mineral tub they had forgotten about.  The dogs and I left them momentarily and went ahead to open gates.

Judging from the sinking sun there was not much daylight left but likely enough to get them into the barn paddock.  I had Jayde along and sent her and BJ together to gather the group.  It lifted my heart to see the old dog and the younger dog team up, and to see Jayde work freely on a job that didn’t demand a bunch of commands from me.  Also seeing BJ when she works with another dog.  BJ is my best team dog, she turns it up a notch when she’s working with another dog and enjoys it.  Jayde is all business, whether or not another dog is along.  With those two girls at the helm I had the ewes in the barn paddock just as the sun sank and silently edged us into that dim evening time before complete darkness sets in.

Ah, that sweet stock dog synchronicity!  Such elation when it happens, such angst when it does not.  But tonight it happened.  Tonight, one Kelpie, one Border Collie; hardly a word spoken and a short evenings work immensely enjoyed by both the dogs and I.  What a gift.


  1. Good dogs! I am also looking at your snow. We are supposed to hit 65 degrees tomorrow! Unheard of! Maremma Bess wants snow, but the cattle and I are happy!

    1. Temperatures are warmer than usual for us too but yes we do have the snow. This photo is from my files but looks pretty similar to now.

  2. Very sweet! Very unlike poor Kate getting stuck with Weaslie chasing her barking like a moron if I don't latch the gate tightly :-o.


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