Sorted and On The Easel

Cull ewes and the remaining wether lambs have been sorted from the main flock.  The rams will be sorted and turned out in the next day or two.  We originally thought to turn the rams out at the beginning of the week but held off a few more days as pushing lambing too close to April is iffy for us on account of the weather we can get at that time.  Mid May should be good; fingers crossed. 

I finished the last of the guardian dog houses.  A little tuft of dog fur on the door jam and depressions in the straw are evidence of use.  I’m pretty sure Oakley is using one and Diesel too, but don’t know about the others yet.  Interestingly it is the houses with straw bedding that are being used but the ones with wool are not yet.  

Indoors, I’ve paused with needle felting to pick up the color pencils before I forget how to use them.  This is a winter scene and as simple as this composition looks getting the colors and tone of the sky and the snow is going to be challenging for me.


  1. Love the start to your drawing (I can relate to the picking them up before forgetting how to use them comment.. hum) I am surprised that the dogs went for the straw vs the wool... too hot???? Interesting.

    1. Good thought on the wool being too warm, the temperatures have been mild so far.


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