Photo Abundance

We are experiencing a gorgeous warm spell and the stock dogs are spending the days outside with us while we take advantage of it and work on projects we still hope to finish before winter does drive us indoors.   My routine is to rise early in the morning and spend it the art room, giving myself some time there before the world, and the weather, outside requires my attention. 

I have many photos in my photo collection.  There was a string of days in the fall season when I took the camera with me almost daily, resulting in hundreds of photos during that time alone.  It’s now a snow covered landscape here, but on account of cold weather I don’t take the camera out as often.  I still plan on sharing those photos, this photo is one of them.  I’m hoping you’ll forgive me for showing photos from summer and fall while it’s our actually winter season outside.   

I've captured a few silhouette type photos lately, not sure where that attraction arises from but some of them are rather striking photos.  This one is showing up a bit darker here than it is in my photo gallery. 


  1. I've been told google "optimizes" our photos and I too have been frustrated by that. I haven't looked into a way to stop that, but if I do, I'll let you know. Great shot!

    1. Please do, thanks and I'll do the same if I find anything out.

  2. Great shot! Love the honey shades...


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