LGD Stalking the Stock Dog

I regularly see brief intervals of Lily stalking something I'm unaware of.  On this morning I am very aware that she is stalking toward Coyote Mic who is near my feet.

When I started using Mic to move the flock out to pasture in the mornings Lily kept intervening, running at Mic and giving me (and Mic) a bit of a worry about her intentions.  This repeated itself for a few mornings.  On this morning I delayed letting Mic work and let Lily approach first. The flock of sheep are tucked up over the rise behind Lily.  (This was also before we received out latest snow). 

Mic doesn’t usually take kindly to investigation by the large dogs, yet this morning she is very obliging with the greeting.  I wonder if she understood something about Lily’s earlier attempts to prevent her working.  If she knows she needs to help Lily understand her own intention.

Oakley wanders over to check things out and with everything completed so smoothly Mic and I move off.  Amazingly when I send Mic around the flock Lily does nothing this time, she doesn’t follow Mic but instead moves into the flock.  Some level of understanding was reached between the two dogs.

We are now bedding the flock on the winter pasture so we are no longer night penning and I haven't witnessed this scenario again but what a treat to see it take place even once.  Such fascinating creatures all around us. 


  1. You are obviously very brave! If I saw Bess eyeballing little Kelsey that way, I would probably panic and intervene, which of course is probably the wrong thing to do. Luckily for me, Bess is very, very respectful to the older (but much smaller!!) border collies.

  2. Brave or something else perhaps... I took my cues from Mic in this case, she was really relaxed, which is not always like her. I have raised a lot of dogs though so perhaps I am more willing to 'wait and see,' or finally starting to trust the cues I see.


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