First Touch of Winters Cold

The first spell of winter cold weather is arriving and there is a deep chill in the air this evening.  It is amazing that the winter solstice is just around the corner and we will begin the slow gain of daylight hours again.   The ewes are still grazing the stockpiled milk vetch, which is also amazing, although I reckon we will start feeding hay in the next week.  To graze until Christmas is an exceptional case in this climate.  We rolled out some of last years hay bales for bedding and thought the ewes might pick through that but they don’t even pick, they go grazing.

I sorted the rams yesterday and used Gibson to take them out to pasture to meet the ewes.  Oh, happy day for them!

We have an abundance of ram lambs that we held back and now I need to decide what to do with the half a dozen I chose not to use.   Having the extras means guardian dog, Zeus, still has animals to look after though.  When I moved the rams out Zeus stayed put and Diesel came with and I thought maybe he would stay with the flock but he returned and set himself with the cull sheep group.