Evening Blend

The yard is well sheltered and still full of snow but out on open pastures the recent warm weather stretch is quickly diminishing the snow cover. 

In the evening light the ewes match the landscape and are easy to miss.  They blend into the evening.  The stock dogs will notice the movement of the sheep, and before I let a dog off the Ranger to send them I encourage them to look to help them locate the ewes.  Click on the photo to see a slightly larger version.

Did you notice the three ewes at the bottom right? 


  1. The 8 (?) in the center are all but invisible until you enlarge (or "biggify", as Sara at Punkin's Patch says!) the photo. I did notice the 3 in the lower right corner right away though. I can see how a dog might have to rely on motion first to spot them.

    1. Yes I counted 8 too... The rest are further on ahead.


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