Bringing The Flock Home

Cajun helping me bring the flock home.  The ewes were spread pretty far on this evening and Cajun has already covered a lot of ground doing a long and sweeping gather to put the ewes together.  We are nearing the night pen area now and the ewes are going willingly.

At the top of this photo is the night pen paddock, one gate straight ahead, where the ewes are headed to, over the hill along the left and then a right turn into the final gate.

p.s.  There is one guardian dog in the first photo (barely visible but he's there) and two in the second (their tales tails give them away). 


  1. I had to look very closely to see those guard dogs!

  2. Finding the second guardian dog in the second picture took me a minute or two. Without the "tail clue" I might still be looking!

  3. I see I am in the habit of spelling t-a-l-e (tale) for all occasions. LOL


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