Art Unexpected

I have been diligent about rising early to have my few hours in the art room.  I am often pulled toward a particular project and it’s not always the one on the easel that I’m working on.  I used to ignore that pull, making myself push through the project on the easel.  Lately I’ve been moving in the direction that strikes me, knowing that I will come back to every piece eventually.

After yesterday and today the art room is a happy mess.  I pulled out some old frames, tidied one or two of them up with paint and Tung oil, and started to pair them with the recent string of felting projects stored in the cupboard. 

When placed in this frame this artwork just popped.  I shared the start of this piece back in August  but I never did show the finished piece.   You can view that post here if interested, But Do You Know What It Is?

It's just sitting in the frame for now and there is no glass.  I think I’ll leave it that way.  A purchaser can have the option to buy it with the frame or not and then display it how they like.  I can’t believe how much it came to life with a frame though.  Just need to figure a way to tidy the back side and prepare it for hanging if it does stay in the frame.