A Walk to Re-settle

While we did not travel far nor stay away from home for long, and the chores were done with routine regularity each morning and evening through Christmas, the days immediately following Christmas are another type of re-entry into daily life. 

This morning I rush as I go about the chores.  I say a quick hello to the guardian dogs, put the feed down and leave shortly to carry on with the next chore even though I have no where to get to when the work is done.  Allen left for work several hours ago.  I am eager to take a walk and sort out the jumble of thoughts that percolate at this time of the year.  I am also eager to be back indoors to draw or to write, either will do and there are exciting projects within each.  

It is cold out (too cold for the camera) with a stiff wind but I don’t mind; there is palpable relief with walking today.  I have been walking since my youth when the farm dog and I would accompany each other a mile down the grid road to the train tracks, hang out there for a bit and return the mile back to the farm yard.  I haven’t missed many walks between then and now, nor have there been many that were not taken with the company of a dog or two. 

Perhaps after a couple days full of family and visiting, it is the familiar company of dogs as much as the walking that settles me.


  1. I am looking at your snow!! Still NONE here! My friend put some funny videos of my Maremma, Bess, playing with my friend's border collie on her blog. If you want to see, check at

    1. Cute video. The kelpies play like that and because it's winter they do so in my house right now, usually in the mornings.

  2. Sunny snow walks are just the best :-).


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