With The Sun Shining

I'm away at meetings so am blogging on the road and searching through older, previously posted  photos I can access.  Allen tells me it has snowed again at home but where I am, a couple provinces over, is free of snow and not so cold.

I admire this early winter photo for the sense of warmth in it, and when I think of home I always think of it with the sun shining.


  1. We are still having this amazing weather in Upstate NY. Today, Thanksgiving for us, was sunny and in the mid 50's! Usually Thanksgiving brings cold wet rain, sleet, or snow. The cattle, sheep, border collies and I are very thankful. Maremma Bess wants snow!

  2. Glad you had the beautiful weather for the holiday. Wet rain and sleet is something I'm quite glad we don't get very much of. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your critters.


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