Well Received!

This is the piece of artwork I couldn’t show in an earlier post because it was a gift on its way to the recipient who might have seen it here before it arrived, and which I had forgotten to take a photo of before it left, so had nothing to share anyway.

Well Annabel of Double A Ranch received her gift today (the link takes you to her Facebook page). She also checked back to this blog and sent me a photo of the piece!

Here’s the story behind it. Remember that trip I took to Montana this past March - during that trip I went to visit Annabel at her ranch and took photos of her sheep and dogs. Then Annabel sent me home with a trunk full of wool.

Well this piece is her livestock guardian dog Kit. It is 100% wool, needle felted with the wool Annabel gifted me; the wool from the Targhee and Romney sheep Annabel raises and Kit watches over. Even the colored bits were pulled from the stash Annabel gifted me. A gift in return for her gift.

I’m pleased to report this was a real surprise to Annabel and she loves it. She plans to frame it and hang it. Appreciation of the art, the best compliment an artist can ask for.


  1. Hello...I live down the highway from the Double A Ranch. Though I have only met Annabel in passing, at the ranch's annual shearing day last year, I can say I recognized this wool felted version of Kit as soon as I saw it on Annabel's Facebook page. It is a wonderful likeness of her guardian dog. Well done!

  2. Arlette ~ What a beautiful gift in return! It's amazing! Well done!

  3. Arlette ~ What a beautiful gift in return! It's amazing! Well done!

  4. Thank you everyone for the comments, here and by email. I do really appreciate the acknowledgement and kindness. Reading Annabel's email and hearing her reaction to the piece was wonderful.


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