Reunited with my collection of photos, and sheep, and dogs once again :-)  There was no trouble with the sheep or dogs while I was away.  Allen stayed home so there was no worry that things would not be handled well yet I still feel relief when all goes smoothly for him.

It was a blustery and cold day today but it did not deter the ewes from traveling.  Two edges of the milk vetch pasture they are grazing on do not have the new perimeter fence yet, so the ewes slip through the strands of the existing wire fence.  I was hopeful the fresh snow and wind would deter them but not one bit.  They like to graze the volunteer canola plants on the neighboring crop fields.  While I wished to hunker down indoors, the ewes, and the stock dogs who needed exercise, made sure I was out and about in the cold.


  1. It looks as cold at your place as it is here Colorado... Stay warm!

    1. You too LannieK. We had a few cold and snowy days and now supposed to be back to a bit warmer temperatures, which would be lovely.

  2. What a beautiful dog :) Mags in a blustery UK - no snow!


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